About us

Company TORISORT GROUP  Ltd started its business in Czech Republic since 2010. Company continue in good expirience from former period with supplies and services for building companies, construction of halls, illumination systems, roofs, pool roofs and other branch.

We have many experience with a new technology and trends  in fabrication and production EPDM profiles, plastic, components for shading solutions and other materials using in building industries.

Our company is focused in:

   • Rubber EPDM, PVC and silicone sealing profiles

• CNC and shaping components

• Plastic and plastic stamping

We are able to ensure many other additional services like helping in producing and development of a new EPDM profiles, fabrication plastic stamping according to customer tasks and also to ensure package according to specific tasks of customers.


Please to contact us if you have any specific wish.

Šedesátá 7015, 760 01 Zlín
tel.: +420 777 011 234

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